Rolf Borch

Contrabass Clarinet and Houvenaghel´s Organ, integrating a new member into my clarinet family

Project leader:
Rolf Borch

Project period:
2011 – 2015

Research centre:

Artistic research

Instrument innovation, Performance practice, Contemporary music

Fellowship project
Ph.D. in Artistic Research

The subject of Rolf Borch's fellowship project is the contrabass clarinet, where he has studied both the instrument in itself and the performer of it. 

Borch has explored the relatively rarely used contrabass clarinet. He has comissioned and performed new works by Lene Grenager, Knut Vaage, Jon Øivind Ness, Helmut Oehring and Gérard Grisey among others.

Two of the project's final results are the recordings Houvenagel’s Organ and the book Contrabass Clarinet. Orchestral excerpts and a brief history, published as part of the NMH publications series.

Project leader


Rolf Borch

Former employee (Research fellow 2011–2015)
Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Department

Last updated: 16. April 2015