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The Aesthetic Regime of Evolvement

Regarding inclusion and exclusion of musical and pedagogical practices in music teacher education. How and on what basis are various traditions discriminatory and inclusive of other musical and pedagogical practices?

The project is a case study of a new music teacher programme at a Norwegian university college.

The research focuses on the meetings of:

  • music conservatory and teacher's college traditions
  • the subjects of music and pedagogy
  • the school band, choir and popular music group traditions

The aim of this investigation is to unveil critical challenges and complexities for the assurance of quality in the music teacher education.

Questions involve relations of gender, class, rural-urban distinctions, and preferences; diverse outlooks on collectivisme/individualism, technique/skill/evolvement, and freedom/power/knowledge. Taking Jaques Rancièr's conception of aesthetics and politics as a point of departure, the project raises questions regarding the politics of the music teacher education and the educational evolvement furthered by these politics.