Emergent music literacy

Project leader:
Hilde Blix

Project period:
2007 – 2012


Music school, Learning theory, Music pedagogy

Fellowship project
Ph.D. in Music Education

Young instrumentalists music literacy acquisition in view of socio-cognitive theory of learning.

How do beginners on a music instrument acquire music literacy in a music studio setting?

The study was designed to identify and describe the learning strategies of 8-9 year old music school students by observing and interviewing them during their first year of instrumental lessons. The study of music literacy acquisition is in this thesis based on a sociocognitive view on literacy as a learning process, where knowledge acquisition is regarded as constructed, and learning seen as active meaning-making processes.

Ph.D. dissertation

The dissertation is available in Norwegian from NMH Brage:
Gryende musikkliteracy : unge instrumentalelevers tilegnelse av musikkliteracy i lys av sosiokognitiv teori om læring

Last updated: 6. January 2017