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Hooked on music (Hekta på musikk)

Project leader:
Monika Overå

Project participants:
Gro Trondalen, Marie Strand Skånland

Project period:

Research centre:

Development work

Music therapy, Substance abuse

Centre for Music and Health is publishing a book on music therapy in substance abuse treatment, "Hooked on music" (Hekta på musikk).

The book was released 28.11-13 at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Hooked on music. (Hekta på musikk) written by music therapist Monika Overå, are edited by Marie Skånland and prof. Gro Trondalen. The book contains three parts: 1) theoretical background, 2) users' stories, and 3) methodological tips.

The book are published as part of Series from Centre for Music and Health.

Last updated: 2. December 2012