Project leader:
Peter Tornquist

Project period:
2003 – 2007

Artistic research

Improvisation, Composition

Fellowship project
Ph.D. in Artistic Research

Peter Tornquist's project had as its theme to explore improvisation as a compositional method and to examine the creative potential in the meeting of two creative attitudes: the art of improvisation as the intuitive design of the moment and art music’s methodical forming of structure.

The full title of the project was Improvisation – Interaction – Composition: exploring feedback-systems as a compositional model.

The artistic research project was developed in the Programme for Research Fellowships in the Arts and at the Norwegian Academy of Music 2003-2007.

In the project, improvisation and composition are described as complementary attitudes towards musical creativity, as equivalent phenomena in distinct artistic domains. This duality leads to the statement of three main goals:

  • to research general models of the interaction between improvisers and composers
  • to develop techniques for the creative exploration of this interaction
  • to apply this knowledge to artistic co-operations, resulting in musical works

The project resulted in several compositions and in the closing concert on 28 October 2006, the works Q/Carving, Ibsengalleriet and Alba was performed.

Project leader


Peter Tornquist



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