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Jelena Golubovic: Music Therapy with Delirium patients

The aim of the study is to develop single-session music therapy protocols to regulate symptoms of delirium in patients admitted to an acute geriatric hospital ward.

Field of study: Music Therapy.


The project aims to develop single session music therapy protocols (SSMTPs) for regulating symptoms of delirium in acutely admitted geriatric patients.

SSMTPs will be developed through three interrelated sub-studies:

  • systematic literature review looking at the existing evidence on the effect of different music-based interventions in patients with delirium;
  • experimental study on music therapy intervention types;
  • experimental study on optimal dosage of music therapy

The studies will also explore which delirium symptoms/behaviours to target, the sensitivity of the assessment tools, and practicalities regarding patient recruitment/consent. Data will be collected by a literature search in databases, using standardized delirium assessment scales and by videotaping/micro analyzing music therapy sessions.

The project is conducted in cooperation with Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål.

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Published: Sep 15, 2020 — Last updated: Mar 12, 2023