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Music Teachers’ Professional Identity within the Norwegian Municipal Cultural School

This project aims to investigate the professional identity of music teachers in Norwegian municipal culture schools, as cultural schools are being reshaped into “local resource centres.”

What used to be municipal music schools that offered traditional instrumental teaching, have since the middle of the 1980s developed into local resource centres for culture activities, although the extent of this role varies between schools.

Being a local resource centre means cooperation with compulsory schools and kindergartens, and being an active part in the development of the local community. Ph. fellow Anne Jordhus-Lier's study is based on the assumption that music teachers in culture schools meet expectations of performing multiple tasks more frequently than before, including tasks that are at the margins of their expertise. This will influence the teachers’ professional identity in different ways, including how this ambition is perceived and emphasized within the various municipalities and culture schools, and how it is anchored and implemented among music teachers. This again will influence the musical training the children are getting.

The project is a case study of three cultural schools, where Jordhus-Lie will be doing surveys, observation of meetings, and interviews with a selection of music teachers.