The Masterclass as a Teaching and Learning Arena

Project leader:
Ingrid Maria Hanken

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Masterclasses, Music pedagogy

Are masterclasses a fruitful learning arena for future musicians?

The Masterclass as a teaching and learning arena

Masterclasses are common components in educational programs for performing musicians. There are, however, relatively few research studies on this topic. This project aims at developing a research based knowledge for the further development of masterclasses as a fruitful learning arena for future musicians. The project has theoretical as well as empirical components. One example is a theoretical analysis which has been conducted using Bandura's theory on learning by observation. Here, the focus was on  the learning potential the masterclass offers students in the audience. Interviews have also been conducted with experienced masterclass teachers to investigate different aspects of masterclass teaching. An action research project is also planned to further investigate the learning potential in masterclasses.

Report registered in the Brage Database.

Project leader


Ingrid Maria Hanken

Professor Emeritus

Music Education

Last updated: 11. June 2014