Mental Practice - Strategies for Constructivity in Music Performance?

Project leader:
Johannes Lunde Hatfield

Project period:
2013 –

Research centre:


Music pedagogy, Instrumental practice

Fellowship project
Ph.D. in Music Education

Can mental techniques such as self-regulation, visualization and deliberate use of goal setting have a positive effect on the development of future musicians?

Former research has proven that there is an existing potential of progress concerning the students awareness of self-development skills within higher music education. It is a matter of fact that athletes use mental training strategies in their pursuit of excellence on a daily basis. It is also well worth mentioning similarities between music and sports such as: Physical practice, competition, peak performance, innumerable hours of deliberate practice, auditions etc.

The purpose of this project is to give music students a mental tool kit of various mental practice strategies to enhance performance and consciousness towards self-development. Other aims within the study would be to enable structure, effective progression, and facilitate the emotional aspects of playing an instrument.

The core of the present study consists of a practical part in which music students will become familiar with various mental training strategies (MTS). The MTS will will be implemented and tailored individually for students in an experiment group during the autumn term of 2014.

Project leader

Johannes Lunde Hatfield

Johannes Lunde Hatfield


Music Education

Last updated: 11. June 2014