Music Teacher Education and Vocational Education (MUPP).

Project leader:
Geir Johansen

Project participants:
Siw Graabræk Nielsen, Brit Ågot Brøske, Signe Kalsnes, Vegar Storsve, Inger Anne Westby, Docent Cecilia Ferm Thorgersen

Project period:
2006 – 2011

Research centre:


Music teacher education, Music education

Do we get better music teachers if we base education on knowledge about the relationship between practice arena and professional arena?


Brøske Danielsen, B. Å. & Johansen, G. Eds. (2012). Educating Music Teachers in the New Millennium. Multiculturalism, professionalism and music teacher education in the contemporary society. A report from a Research and Development Project. NMH Publications 2012:7. Oslo: Norwegian Academy of Music.


Project leader


Geir Johansen

Professor Emeritus

Music Education

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