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Foto: Anette Øvrelid for CREMAH

Music therapy as a possible adjunct in pacemaker and /or ICD lead extraction

Project leader:
Stine Camilla Flydal Blichfeldt-Ærø

Project period:
2017 –

Research centre:


Music therapy, Music and health

Fellowship project
Ph.D. in Music Therapy

The study seeks to investigate music therapy, music listening and relaxation techniques, as a possible adjunct in pacemaker and/or ICD lead extraction, to reduce pain and anxiety during the procedure.

The risk of complications increases for patients with high levels of anxiety and/or restlessness. As an evidence-based complementary therapy form music therapy can regulate mood and emotions, reduce distress and anxiety, evoke changes in heart activity, blood pressure and breathing, and an impact for individual experience of pain.

The design will be an explorative, randomized controlled trial with the effect of mood, anxiety and pain as the primary endpoint. The study aims to contribute to get music medicine and music therapy implemented as a systematic adjunct in somatic adult health care.

Project leader

Stine Camilla Flydal Blichfeldt-Ærø

Stine Camilla Flydal Blichfeldt-Ærø

Research Fellow

Music Therapy

Last updated: 7. September 2017