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Music Therapy: Success factors for implementation and stability

Project leader:
Ingelill Eide

Project period:
2016 –

Research centre:


Music therapy

Fellowship project
Ph.D. in Music Therapy

Music therapy is a growing discipline, with a practice field that has expanded significantly in recent years. But why is it that some music therapy offers persist while others disappear? What signify the institutions where music therapy offers survive?

Music therapy as professional practice in Norway has strengthened its position over the last years. The work done by the Norwegian Association of Music Therapy and the music therapy research and educational institutions at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the University of Bergen in collaboration with the professional association, Musikernes Fellesorganisasjon, has resulted in an interest for music therapy on a political level. As a result, one could expect a need and demand for establishing a broad range of music therapy services in public and private (health) sector.

This project seeks to uncover what could be the success factors for implementing stable music therapy services in private and public sector by comparing 4-5 units that have offered music therapy for >10 years, and where the music therapy service is considered to be a permanent part of the unit. The research project is designed as a qualitative comparative case study. Primary data is semi-structured interviews with key decision-makers in the unit, including the music therapists.

Knowledge about success factors can provide important information about crucial navigation points when establishing future music therapy services in public and/or private sector.

Project leader

Ingelill Eide

Ingelill Eide

Research Fellow

Music Therapy

Last updated: 18. October 2016