Glass instruments

GLASS, a series of experimental sound objects by Innervik, Frounberg, Berstad and Kverne.


Collaborating with the glass-artists Lars Kværne and Pal Roland Janssen, we have explored the creation of instruments with various types of construction, shape, and coating techniques. We have explored three di erent types of creating music with the instruments: improvisation, improvisation related to composed material and fully composed material. One finding is that the objects which do not have a clear pitched sonority are the most musically interesting. This is because they allow for experimentation with more complex timbral and textural nuances.

Sound sample

From a live performance in Atriet, Oslo, February 2009.

Last updated: 6. September 2017

lars making bowl.gif
Creating the glass instruments

Making instruments of glass and a musical composition to be performed at the ULTIMA festival 2008.

wood beater.gif
Beaters / mallets for the glass instruments

The amplified mallets for the Glass project

Paper I

Glass instruments — from pitch to timbre.

Paper II

Evaluating the subjective effects of microphone placement on glass instruments.