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Instrumental practice in an interactive sphere

In this project, Johannes Lunde Hatfield will develop and establish a digital learning laboratory at the Norwegian Academy of Music, through which successful approaches to instrumental practice and performance preparation are thoroughly investigated and improved.

The research project’s first analytical stage aims to try out and evaluate innovative methods applied in top athletes’ performance preparations. Through collaboration with the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, performing music students and professors from the Norwegian Academy of Music will try out and evaluate the School of Sport Sciences´ laboratories of learning and psychology. Based on the experiences and knowledge developed during the first analytical stage, the project´s second stage will consist of the development of a laboratory for learning and performance preparation adapted for musicians at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

The laboratory is intended for future research on instrumental practice and performance enhancement, music students´ performance preparations, and workshops on instrumental practice. Close collaboration with performing music students and their respective professors is considered paramount for the duration of the project. The project is part of Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education´s (CEMPE) key portfolio.

The project is awarded NOK 500,000 in funding from Norgesuniversitetet.