Piano technique in historical perspective

Project leader:
Natalia Strelchenko

Project period:
2006 – 2011

Artistic research

Interpretation, Performance practice, Piano

Fellowship project
Ph.D. in Artistic Research

Artistic Research Fellow Natalia Strelchenko’s project aimed at investigating the effect that different European piano technique traditions had for piano playing’s aesthetics and style, and the different sounding results that different approaches to piano technique creates.

The project was based on the work of a selection by the 1800s composers, which both absorbed the main technique traditions of the 18th century and reflected the 19th century pianistic Europe.

Strelchenko specifically dealt with Hummel, Kalkbrenner, Thalberg, Chopin and Liszt's unique contributions and their impact on Norwegian performers and composers, represented by Agathe Backer Grøndahl and Thomas Tellefsen.

She also examined contemporary regional piano traditions in order to trace the older piano techniques in modern piano tradition.

Furthermore, she aimed at explaining, systematizing and demonstrating connections between practice methods and style seen both in historical and regional perspective, crystallized in the chosen repertoire.

Project leader

Natalia Strelchenko

Natalia Strelchenko

Former employee (research fellow 2008-2012)


Last updated: 4. January 2017