Rhythmic music teaching as aesthetic practice

Project leader:
Catharina Christophersen

Project period:
2000 – 2009


Music pedagogy, Music teaching, Popular music

Fellowship project
Ph.D. in Music Education

How are aesthetic values expressed in rhythmic music teaching, and how are these values constituted as self-evident?

The subject of this dissertation is rhythmic music teaching. "Rhythmic music" is synonymous with "popular music". Rhythmic music teaching is, in short, an oral approach to teaching, where rhythm, participation, movement, improvisation and playing together are essential. The purpose of the study is to examine how rhythmic music teaching is constituted as aesthetic practice.

Funding: Bergen University College (HiB)

PhD Thesis

Thesis available in NMH Brage:
Rytmisk musikkundervisning som estetisk praksis : en casestudie

Last updated: 10. January 2017