The Ethnic Move – A discussion on cultural diversity in pedagogical texts for Norwegian secondary schools

Project leader:
Anders Rønningen

Project period:
2014 – 2015

Research centre:


Cultural heritage, Cultural diversity, Educational policy

Fellowship project
Ph.D. in Music Education

Through analysis from a multicultural perspective on textbooks on music for Norwegian secondary schools, a starting point is set for a broader critical discussion on representation of cultural diversity.

The dissertation discusses the increased proportion of diversity represented in textbooks for music. This is coined in a key metaphor named “the ethnic move”.

In the national curricula, as well as in the textbooks in question, there are anticipations of the positive consequences of the increased multicultural representation (the Ethnic move). Such as “intercultural understanding across time, place and culture”, and “tolerance and respect for other cultures” to name a few. This dissertation considers how these expectations are operationalized in the educational texts, and puts this in dialogue with other research, multicultural theory and philosophy.

Ph.D. dissertation

The dissertation is available in Norwegian in NMH-Brage:
Det etniske steget. En drøfting av kulturelt mangfold i pedagogiske tekster for musikk for norsk ungdomsskole

Last updated: 24. May 2017