Videos: Discussions and Performances

Discussions and dissemination of artistic research are important to the project development. Project talks and performances are recorded and published continually, and the audience are invited parttake with questions and comments.

Austbø and Asheim on Schubert dances

September 18, 2013: Håkon Austbø in conversation with organist and composer Nils Henrik Asheim. Topic of discussion is Asheim's project, New Light on Schubert Dances.

Nils Henrik Asheim in conversation with Håkon AustbøNorges musikkhøgskole on Vimeo.

Austbø and Eggestad on interpretation

October 16, 2013:Pianist and Researcher Olaf Eggestad and Håkon Austbø discussing Interpretation Then and Now, of works by Brahms, Boulez og Beethoven.

Olaf Eggestad in dialogue with Håkon Austbø. 16 October 2013 from Norges musikkhøgskole on Vimeo.

Conversation with Dai Fujikura on Diamond Dust

November 21, 2013: Discussion of Dai Fujikura's Diamond Dust, after the piece was performed by the Oslo Sinfonietta with Ellen Ugelvik at the Huddersfield Festival. Participants in the discussion are Dai Fujikura, Composer, Ellen Ugelvik, Pianist and Research Fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Håkon Austbø, Head of the Reflective Musician Project, Christian Eggen, Conductor, Lasse Thoresen, Composer, and Darla Crispin, Pianist and Researcher.

Conversation on Dai Fujikura's Diamond Dust (21 November 2013) from Norges musikkhøgskole on Vimeo.

Conversation on Chopin's third Ballade

On January 29 Lasse Thoresen, Olaf Eggestad and Håkon Austbø met in Levinsalen at the Academy to talk about Chopin's third Ballade.

Analytical approach to Chopin’s Ballads. 29 January 2014 from Norges musikkhøgskole on Vimeo.

Seminar: Sign of 3

On October 30, composer Lasse Thoresen, artistic research fellow and pianist Ingfrid Breie Nyhus, researcher and pianist Darla Crispin and pianist Håkon Austbø held a seminar in the Levin Hall where they presented various aspects three meter.

Thoresen introduces the three meter, with examples from the history of music and from his own "To the Brothers' people," while Nyhus examines the Norwegian "slått" telespringar and Grieg's use of "slått" tunes in his opus 72. Austbø concentrates on Ravel waltzes while Darla Crispin makes the connections.

Seminar: Sign of 3 from Norges musikkhøgskole on Vimeo.

Seminar on late style

November 20, Håkon Austbø, Darla Crispin, Nils Henrik Asheim and Njål Sparbo had a seminar on late style and some central works in this style. The program included the Chopin Polonaise-Fantasie, Beethoven String Quartet Op. 131 in C sharp minor and Brahms' Vier Ernste Gesänge op. 121.

Seminar: Late style from Norges musikkhøgskole on Vimeo.

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