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A Play With Traditions

A Play with Traditions – interpreting and performing between folk and pianism.

As a pianist in the western classical and contemporary traditions with a strong background in Norwegian folk music, Ingfrid Breie Nyhus shifts between different positions on an axis from Norwegian fiddle music to classical music, in her interpretation of piano works inspired by folk music. From and in between these two musical perspectives, with their differences and tangencies in approach and material, she plays with the framework of the performance traditions, interpretative references in play, and aesthetical considerations at the piano.

This play within and between performance traditions and musical traditions, is performed within an artistic research fellowship project, and results in concerts and recordings of Norwegian piano works inspired by traditional folk music. The project has three focuses: contemporary works; classical works; and folk music material. In the first part, collaboration with the three composers, Asbjørn Schaathun, øyvind Torvund and Erik Dæhlin, demonstrates different approaches to using Norwegian folk music as inspiration or source in piano works. The works were premiered September 2014 at the Ultima Festival in Oslo.

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