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Gro Marie holds a fiddle and looks into the camera.

The artistic research project Tryllespel is a study of different ways of using characteristics of the hardanger fiddle and the hardanger fiddle tunes as source of inspiration, source of material and framework in improvisation.

Improvisation, tradition and reflection

The hardanger fiddle player Gro Marie Svidal explores different techniques for melodic and rhythmic variations, form, tuning of the instrument, sounds and melodies. She examines how the fiddle player can gain inspiration from the characters of the hardanger fiddle tunes and its traditional use and use it as framework for improvisations and concept and subtext for performance and presentations of the improvisations.

The project is also a reflection ontheattention and possible choicesof the fiddlerduring preparation and performance considering different conditions, expectations and impulses connected with the performances, and the relationship to the tradition.

The project is part of the externally funded artistic research project Craftmanship, lead by Kjell Tore Innervik.

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Published: Oct 18, 2021 — Last updated: Oct 18, 2021