Connecting Instrumental and School Music Traditions - The Visions of Music Didactics Professors

Project leader:
Geir Johansen

Project participants:
Cecilia Ferm Thorgersen, Marja-Leena Juntunen

Project period:
2013 – 2015

Research centre:


Music didactics

The project aims at understanding the knowledge cultures and educational traditions that meet within music teacher education at academies of music.

The similarities, differences, and relations between those cultures and traditions are studied by looking at the ways in which they emerge in the visions about an ideal education among music teacher educators teaching the subject musikdidaktik. Methodological strategies include document studies, qualitative interviews, observation; and a questionnaire survey. Theoretically the study is based on Karen Hammerness’ works on teachers’ visions along with the works on teacher education in general by Linda Darling-Hammond, John Bransford, Karen Zumwalt, Pamela Grossmann; and Marilyn Cochran-Smith.

Conducting the project: Professor Geir Johansen, Norwegian Academy of Music, Norway, Professor Cecilia Ferm Thorgersen, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden; and Senior researcher Marja-Leena Juntunen, Sibelius Academy, Finland.

Dissemination activities

Johansen, Geir (2013). Music Teacher Education in the Nordic Countries: Where do we stand and where are we heading? Presented at Perspectives on music teacher education – Nordic research on professional knowledge in music education, Örebro Universitet, School of Music, October 1-2.


Ferm Thorgersen, C., Johansen, G. & Juntunen M. L. (2015). Music teacher educators’ visions of music teacher preparation in Finland, Norway and Sweden. International Journal of Music Education – Research, 1: 1-15

Project leader


Geir Johansen

Professor Emeritus

Music Education

Last updated: 17. March 2014