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Foto: Anette Øvrelid for CREMAH

When music therapy sets the premises

Project leader:
Ingeborg Nebelung

Project period:
2017 –

Research centre:


Music therapy

Fellowship project
Ph.D. in Music Therapy

About music therapy thinking in a recently established child welfare institution.

This action research project aims to look at what music therapy as a discipline and methodical approach can provide in planning, startup and early years of a new institution for adolescen. On one hand, the project focuses on the adolescents, and seeks to explore how their participation in music workshop may affect their views on the others youths, affect relations with the adults who participates, and relations with the institution as a whole.

The other side of the project has an organizational focus, where one by letting the employees participate together with youngsters in the music workshop and being supervised by the music therapist, will explore what a music therapeutic approach can offer in direct work with youth, as well as their relation to the institution.


Project leader

Ingeborg Nebelung

Ingeborg Nebelung

University Lecturer

Music Therapy

Last updated: 7. September 2017