Fire instructions

FIRE 110  /  POLICE 112  /  AMBULANCE 113

When the fire alarm sounds:

  • Close all doors and windows.
  • Leave the building immediately. Use the closest emergency exit. Do not use lifts.
  • Gather in front of Chateau Neuf. Keep away from the main entrance of the Academy to make place for the Fire brigade

At any suspicion of fire:

  1. Sound the fire alarm, where there is one. Call the Fire brigade (110).
  2. Safety: Ensure that everyone has left the building
  3. Attack the fire with a hose or extinguisher if possible

Call for help. Close all doors and windows after you to prevent fire and smoke from spreading.

Stay up to date on:

  • Emergency exits. A fire escape plan is placed by the lifts on each floor.
  • Location of fire extinguishers.
  • Fire instructions.
  • Rally points in case of evacuation.

Fire protection chief: Rune Herang

User coordinator: Tor Olav Torgersen

Rally point: In front of Chateau Neuf

Floor managers: List over floor managers in case of fire (Norwegian)

Last updated: 10. June 2014