Planning your concert

Are you planning a concert at the Academy? Please follow this step by step guide.


  • Technical assistance: Two months in advance.
  • Events host: Two months in advance.
  • Book concert venues outside the Academy: Four weeks in advance.
  • Piano tuning: Two weeks in advance.

1. Choose a date and time for your concert

Planning your concert in advance will make you more prepared. The further ahead you plan, the better.

Please note: We operate with two concert seasons each year.

  • The autumn season begins the week after startup week, and ends when the exam period starts.
  • The spring season begins after New year’s and ends when the exam period starts.

During the exam periods there is no official concert program hosted by the Academy besides exam concerts. This means we do not book or assist with any concert productions during these periods.

Before every concert season, the we announce a concert registration-form with a deadline to sibmit concert requests. If you wish to be prioritized as part of the main season program, you MUST submit your concert request by the announced deadline. All requests submitted after deadline are regarded as second priority. 

2. What is the purpose of your concert; who is it for?

Why do you wish to arrange this concert? What kind of audience should it play to and how will you reach them?
Thinking about these things in advance will better your concert experience, as well as your audience’s.

4. Technical assistance

Consider what technical equipment and/or practical assistance that is needed to make your concert possible.
We have limited resources and we carefully consider how to make use of them. We wish to provide our technical assistance where it is crucial and most needed.

5. Make use of the production team's services

Share your ideas with us, ask us if you have any questions!


You are the most suited to promote your own event. Report your concert to if you wish to be featured in The Academy’s events calendar.

Note: Bachelor concerts will not be featured.

The Academy has set up a step-by-step generator to create a concert programme or create a poster.


Always use this email address if you want to reach concert producers or someone in communications regarding your programme, or details regarding your event planning.

Last updated: 14. September 2017