Booking halls for other activities

Lindeman and Levin can also be booked for recordings. The halls can normally not be booked for rehearsals other than for very short term or when there are special needs regarding space, acoustics and technical matters.

What can students book?


  • Students can book up to three hours in Lindeman or levin for recording (recordings related to your studies, for auditions, competitions etc.).
  • It's only possible to book three hours in total from time of booking and ahead of time (e.g. one booking of three hours or three bookings of one hour).


  • Students can book rehearsals in Lindeman and Levin if available the following two days ahead. You can book up to two hours. Exceptions are only made for projects where producers are involved. Booking can be made by the producer.

Booking times

For recordings

  • Weekdays and weekends before 4 pm.

For rehearsals

  • If available times the following two days ahead.

Booking horizon

For recordings

  • Two months ahead (exception for January/February which can not be booked before concert season program is confirmed.

For rehearsals

  • Two following days.
  • Requests for the same day will normally not be concidered.

Do you need more time?

If you need more time your need would have to be related directly to your studies and shall be confirmed by your teacher.

Grand piano

Here you'll find info about tuning and routines re. grand pianos at NMH (sorry, currently only in Norwegian).

What can you use reordings made in the halls at NMH for?

It's not permitted to use the halls at NMH for commercial recordings and releases without permission from head of production at NMH. In most cases like that it would probably be considered as a rental.

How to book

Send a booking request to including following info:

  • Hall
  • Date
  • Timeframe
  • Name
  • Instrument
  • Course/year
  • Info about what you're planning to use the hall for

Lars Holmen Kurverud

Head of Department
Outreach and Events Production
Last updated: 10. January 2017