How to book hall/place for your concert

Have an idea for a concert? Tell us about it!

We are planning our concert activity in two main periods during the year, and we invite you to submit ideas and requests for concerts hosted by the Academy.

Concert request form – time of announcement

  • Form for concerts during the spring semester is announced in October.
  • Form for concerts during the autumn semester are announced in April/May.

The invitation is sent to all Academy email addresses and includes a given deadline. This is the main deadline for submitting a concert request in the official program of the Academy.

Requests made after the given deadline are regarded as second priority. After the main season is planned, possibly available venues may be booked continuously throughout that semester.

Concert seasons

Autumn season begins the week after startup week, and ends when the exam period starts.

Spring season begins after New year’s and ends when the exam period starts.

During the exam periods there is no official concert program hosted by the Academy besides exam concerts. This means we do not book or assist with any concert productions during these periods.

Long term planning

Feel free to contact Head of Production, Lars H. Kurverud if you need more time to plan in longer terms. 

Short term planning

We totally understand that all concerts is not possible to be planned in long term, there's also possibilities for this. Therefore, we have pre-reserved a few concert opportunities that may be booked on short notice. Please contact one of the producers for more info. The “early bird”-principle is key here.

These concert are different from other Academy-related concerts by the fact that one does not receive any support other than the reservation of venue and grand piano. You yourself are responsible for everything else regarding the concert, such as marketing, programmes, tidying of venue after concert, audience limits, etc. These concerts are concidered as training concerts, and not published or promoted by the academy.

Last updated: 23. January 2019