Printed concert programme

Please use our online form to generate a printable concert programme PDF. Available to all students and employees.

Our online form will design a PDF based on the information you fill in. Print the PDF on an Academy printer.

> Go to concert programme generator


Programme text

Before you start filling in the form, write the text for your concert programme and proof read it.

The field named “Innside venstre” is for your programme, while the “Innside høyre”-field is for a short description of your concert, or a short bio. The description must be no longer than 800 characters.


Upload a picture for your programme under “Last opp bilde”. The picture cannot be larger than 2MB. If your picture is too large, edit it with a photo editing tool.

How to print

You can colour print your programme on Academy printers. Follow this step by step guide.

  1. Download the generated PDF-file. Open it in Adobe Reader and click the printer icon
  2. Choose “Print on both sides of paper” and “Flip on short edge”
  3. Under “Properties”, untick the black and white-option in the pictures tab (“Bildevalg” in Norwegian)
  4. Click OK and choose how many programmes you want to print
  5. Click “Print” and your programme will be printed

Good luck!

Examples of concert programmes

Here are some programmes made by the generator:

> Go to concert programme generator

If you find any errors in the generator, please let us know by sending an email to

Which events do we make programmes for?

The communications department makes concert programmes for selected events:

  • Orchestra concerts organized by the Orchestra committee
  • Choir concerts organized by the Choir committee
  • Extensive research presentations
  • R:A:W

Larger events like ECMA chamber music week may also receive programmes. This must be arranged with the communications department.

For all other concerts, please make your own programmes.

Last updated: 12. May 2016