Application for registration and submission of project

Below you will find information about how to register and submit your Ph.D. project. It is important that both the candidate and lead supervisor familiarise themselves with the process in good time before submission.  

The information below is taken from the Regulations for the programme (only available in Norwegian).

Applying for registration

Your application for registration must be submitted no later than five (5) months after you are due to submit/present your artistic production. In practice this means that you must count backwards in time at least 5 months from the date of submission.

Making an application for registration means that the candidate applies to have their project submitted and assessed by an examination panel. The examination panel is appointed by the R&D committee on the recommendation of the programme committee for the Ph.D. in Artistic Research, cf. "Section 14 of the Regulations: Appointment of examination panel".

It is the lead supervisor’s responsibility to notify the chair and secretary of the programme committee for the Ph.D. in Artistic Research that the application for registration is imminent in order that the necessary preparations can be made.

The lead supervisor should normally recommend the application. 

The application should be addressed to the secretary of the programme committee for the Ph.D. in Artistic Research, and it will be considered at an ordinary committee meeting. 

Contents of the application

The candidate must use the dedicated form when applying for registration.

Appendix to the application (quoted verbatim from the unofficial translation of “Section 13.2 of the Regulations”):

  • “An account of what will form the basis for the assessment, including a plan for where, when and how the artistic production will be presented in public.
  • An account of the choice of medium, language and format for the reflective component and the date of submission, cf. Section 15-1.
  • An account of how the research training component has been or will be completed and of any other academic study or qualifications.
  • Proof of required permissions, cf. Section 6-1.
  • Plan for approved documentation and filing in a permanent format of the entire PhD portfolio.
  • Statement from collaborators where required, cf. Section 11-2.
  • Declaration stating whether the work is being submitted for assessment for the first or second time.
  • Declaration stating that the work has not been submitted for assessment at another institution.”

Submitting the project

It is up to each candidate – in close consultation with their lead supervisor – to set a date for submission of the reflective component. However, there are two options, cf. “Section 15-1 of the Regulations”: 

  • 4 weeks prior to submission of the artistic production, or
  • 2 months after the presentation/submission of the artistic production.

These deadlines are absolute.

The artistic production must always be delivered as one single submission.

Are you completing your project with a final recital?

Most candidates choose to present parts of their artistic production with a final recital/performance attended by the examination panel. The event may take place at the NMH or another venue in or around Oslo. It is important that the candidate consults with the NMH at an early stage of the planning process to enable the NMH to assist with the production and, if desired, to market the concert in the best way possible and with the available resources. Please note that you must book your final recital early and in line with procedure. The NMH does not normally offer technical assistance for recitals held outside the academy.

The NMH can help promote the recital using available resources, but this requires the candidate to consult with the academy’s R&D communicator at an early stage so that a plan can be drawn up.

Be proactive and take responsibility!     

Tips and advice

Regardless of when you decide to submit the reflective component, the programme committee strongly recommends that you submit both the artistic production and the reflective component before the end of the programme period. It is not a good idea to leave the reflective component until you no longer receive a salary from the NMH and lose your right to office space and supervision. Once the fellowship comes to an end and the NMH stops paying a salary, you will need to find other income and will have correspondingly less time for the Ph.D. project. It is then easy to end up spending a disproportionate amount of time finishing it and making your final submission. 

Last updated: 3. January 2019