Curriculum for the PhD in Artistic Research at the Norwegian Academy of Music

The curriculum provides the fellow with information regarding the course of the study.

The curriculum for the Ph.D. programme in artistic research at NMH consists of four mandatory topics:

  1. Artistic research in music             
  2. The Norwegian Artistic Research School          
  3. Project - specific topic   
  4. The artistic Ph.D. project

The first three topics are components in the research training, while “The artistic Ph.D. project” is the main component in the programme.

Artistic research in music

This topic is internal and organized by the Ph.D. programme in artistic research at NMH. The topic has a scope of 5 credits (ECTS) and consists of seminars and other activities.

The Norwegian Artistic Research School

Norwegian Artistic Research School offers through seminars, meetings and conferences joint training for doctoral fellows in artistic research. The research school is organized by the Norwegian programme for artistic research.

This is the most extensive of the topics in the research training component and has a scope of 20 credits (ECTS). The topic consists of five mandatory seminars taken in chronological order from 1 to 5, as well as two conferences (Artistic research forum).

Project specific topic

In this topic, the fellows themselves may propose a content consisting of activities that are particularly relevant to the specific project. There may be courses or seminars organized by external institutions, both at home and abroad, or there may be individually developed activities at one's own institution or another institution on topics directly related to the project. This may include teaching.

Ordinary activities related to the execution of the artistic Ph.D. project, such as e.g. concerts and immersion in literature cannot be included in this topic.

The Project specific topic has a scope of 5 credits (ECTS) and the activities in this section will be completed during the second and third academic years. One credit is equivalent to 30 working hours.


The fellow must apply to have the subject approved by the Committee for the Ph.D. programme in artistic research. The proposal must be discussed with the main supervisor before the application is submitted to the committee. The subject section leader should also be involved if the candidate wishes to include teaching at NMH as an activity in the topic. The application must be submitted by the end of the second semester.



Last updated: 5. June 2018