Midterm evaluation

A midterm evaluation of the candidate’s progress will be carried out in the third or fourth semester.

The programme committee for the PhD in Artistic Research is responsible for organising the midterm evaluation.

Attendance at the evaluation seminar is obligatory for all candidates enrolled on the PhD programme (Section 10-2 of the Regulations), but it is also open to other interested parties at the academy. The candidate's supervisor(s) should ideally be present. The candidate may invite up to five guests from outside the academy.


The midterm evaluation aims to help the candidate and supervisor(s) assess whether the candidate is making sufficient progress towards the expected learning outcomes and whether the project is proceeding to schedule.

The evaluation should also give the candidate feedback on the results achieved to date, recommend further work, and identify any issues that require additional follow-up.


The objective of the midterm evaluation is to determine whether the candidate is on track to achieve the learning outcomes for the programme as described in the programme guidelines.

It is also designed to create a good dialogue between the candidate and the opponent with regard to the progress of the project and to offer helpful advice on the continued work on the project.


An external opponent shall be selected for the presentation. The opponent’s background must be relevant to the project. The programme committee and lead supervisor are responsible for recruiting a suitable opponent. 

The candidate must submit an up-to-date project description with a timetable, a brief reflection on the artistic processes, and relevant artistic works one month before the midterm evaluation to allow the opponent to prepare the opposition/discussion.

Please note that the person acting as opponent in the midterm evaluation is disqualified from serving on the final examination panel.


The midterm evaluation will be structured as follows:

  • The candidate’s presentation (45 mins)
  • The opponent’s evaluation (15 mins)
  • Discussion between candidate and opponent (45 mins)
  • Questions from the audience (15 mins)

The entire session will last around 2 hours.


Shortly after the evaluation seminar has concluded and if it has been disovered that the progression is not on track, a meeting will be held between the candidate, lead supervisor and the chair and secretary of the programme committee to evaluate the seminar and discuss the way forward.

Last updated: 5. September 2017