Progress seminar

Annual progress seminars are held at which the candidate presents their work on the project to date. 

The progress seminars are obligatory for PhD candidates and are held once every year, the first in the first semester and the last in the semester in which the project is submitted. The candidate may be asked to attend two progress seminars a year, if necessary. 

The mandatory individual discussion lasts approx. 30–45 minutes.


The progress seminars:

  • are formal meetings to follow up on the PhD candidates and their supervisors
  • should give the programme committee an insight into each candidate’s progression from the beginning to the end of the project
  • should reveal any issues/problems regarding the supervision and/or progress
  • should reveal any deviations from the timetable and ensure that revised timetables are drawn up
  • should identify and implement measures to remedy lack of progression in consultation with the supervisor 

In short: where are you now, where are you going, and how will you get there?


  • Project status
  • The road ahead
  • Any challenges (practical matters, supervision)
  • Any changes (deviations from the project description/plan, budget)
  • Resources and time use

The candidate should prepare a response for each of the items on the agenda before each meeting.

The chair and secretary of the programme committee will be present at the seminars. 

Last updated: 5. September 2017