Project-spesific topic

The project-spesific topis is a mandatory subject in the curriculum for candidates enrolled at the PhD programme for artistic research at NMH.


The candidate should propose a topic comprising activities of particular relevance to the project in question. The activities may be courses, programmes or seminars organised by external institutions, either in Norway or abroad, or they may be individually developed activities at the home institution or another institution covering themes directly linked to the project. Teaching may be included in these activities.

Ordinary project activities as part of the artistic PhD project such as performances/concerts and literature studies, can not be included in this subject. 


The project spesific topic gives 5 credits. One (1) credit is equivalent to 30 hours work.  


The candidate must apply to the programme committee for the PhD in Artistic Research to have the topic approved. The application must be discussed with the section leader if teaching at NMH is part of the subject. The application must be made by the end of the second semester.

Application form

It is mandatory to use the following application form.

Last updated: 13. August 2019