Supervision plays an important role on the PhD programme in Artistic Research, and the project work takes place under individual supervision. 

The candidate should have one lead supervisor with overall academic responsibility for the candidate and a particular responsibility for ensuring that the candidate follows and completes the programme. The candidate may also have one or more co-supervisors. 

Who can be a supervisor?

The lead supervisor must hold an artistic qualification at associate professor level or above or demonstrate equivalent experience in the relevant field. All supervisors must hold a doctorate or equivalent qualification and be active in their respective fields.

At least one of the appointed supervisors should have previous experience or training as a supervisor at PhD level.

The mail supervisor must be employeed at NMH, but the co supervisor do not have to be affiliated with the academy.

The supervision

The supervisors are responsible for overseeing the candidate’s academic development. The candidate and lead supervisor have a mutual responsibility for keeping each other up-to-date with all matters pertaining to the progress of the work and the supervision. The candidate and supervisor should communicate regularly.

The candidate and main supervisor should together review the project description and assess the need for adjustments as soon as possible and no later than three (3) months after admission. Material changes to the project description must be approved by the programme committee.

Supervisors should advise on delimiting topics and research problems and assess methodology and outcomes, including documentation and presentation formats, and provide information about relevant academic discourse. The candidate should be given guidance on ethical matters surrounding the PhD work.


Main supervisors are appointed by the programme committee for the PhD in Artistic Research.

Second supervisors are appointed based on an application. The application should include an explanation of the choice of supervisor. The nominated supervisor’s CV should also be attached. Any change of supervisor is subject to the same procedure.

You can read more about the procedure in Section 8-1 “Appointment of supervisors” in the Regulations. 

Supervisor resources

The candidate should normally have one lead supervisor but is free to choose more than one co-supervisor. If the candidate has more than one co-supervisor, the allocated man-hours will be shared between the two.

A total of 60 hours a year has been allocated to the lead supervisor role and 40 hours a year to the co-supervisor role, including preparation time and follow-up work.    

Supplementary information can be found in the Programme Regulations.

Last updated: 5. September 2017