Buildings & Facilities

This page provides general information about the buildings and facilities.

1st House

The building with the south facing facade toward Slemdalsveien opened in 1989 and is referred to as the 1st House at the Academy. The building has a chamber concert hall (the Levin Hall) and a concert hall (Lindemansalen) with 365 seats and a stage suited for symphony orchestra with choir.

The Academy's library and cafeteria are also located in the 1st House, as are multiple recording and practice studios, class rooms, and offices.

2nd House

Additional class rooms, offices, jazz studios, practice spaces for amplified music, and a 100 seat auditorium were added with the completion of the 2nd House in 2007.

The 1st and 2nd Houses are connected by a glass bridge on the 3rd floor and on the lower level.

Last updated: 16. July 2014