Booking rooms

About booking meeting rooms, teaching rooms and concert venues.

Booking rooms for meetings or teaching on line

As an employee you may book rooms for meetings or other activities online. This is done through TimeEdit, using FEIDE.

How to book online

Once you have logged in, you will see one link for Web booking and one for Web booking (jazz). Web booking (jazz) are only for jazz students and staff, a small selection of rooms only they can book.

To book the other rooms, select the Web booking link.

Available time

You have at any time 20 available hours ahead in time, and each booking has a maximum time limit of four hours. When a booking is over, the hours are released and you can book again. There is a limit of 45 days into the future.

Cancel a booking

If you cancel a booking, you will get back the time that was tied up in this booking. However, you cannot cancel past bookings.

Room overview

Not all the rooms at NMH are available for booking, and some of the available rooms may already be already booked for classes and events, but employees and students you may use free capacity.

Booking manually

Employees who need additional time, or who do not want to use the web booking, can contact the reception on the first floor and get help making reservations.

Booking a concert hall

Last updated: 14. January 2018