Employee Access Card & Keys

Staff and faculty must obtain their individual employee access cards and office keys for access to buildings, rooms, and facilities at the Norwegian Academy of Music. 

Access Card

Access cards are obtained at the reception, gound floor, at NMH.

Replacement Card

  • If your card has been lost or needs replacing, you must contact Ellen Gjerstad at the Academy's reception desk immediately. She will order a replacement card for you and deactivate access of the lost card.

Library Card (Access Card)

  • Your Access Card also functions as your library card. You may use it to borrow library items and access library services.


Keys to your office and meeting rooms are requested at the Facilities Managament Office.

Contact Tor Olav Torgersen.

Keys to Booked Rooms

  • To access rooms that have been booked in advance, obtain the keys from Ellen K Gjerstad at the Academy's reception desk by the ground floor main entrance.


Ellen K Gjerstad

Ellen K Gjerstad

Campus Services and Information Technology
Last updated: 2. October 2018