Employee Access Card & Keys

Staff and faculty must obtain their individual employee access cards and office keys for access to buildings, rooms, and facilities at the Norwegian Academy of Music. 

Access Card

  • Access cards are obtained at the reception - groung floor at NMH.

Replacement Card

  • If your card has been lost or needs replacing, you must contact Ellen K Gjerstad at the Academy's reception desk immediately. She will order a replacement card for you and deactivate access of the lost card.

Library card (Access Card)

  • Your Access Card also functions as your library card. You may use it to borrow library items and access library services.


  • Keys to your office and meeting rooms are requested at the Facilities Managament Office. Contact Tor Olav Torgersen.

Keys to Booked Rooms

  • To access rooms that have been booked in advance, obtain the keys from Ellen K Gjerstad at the Academy's reception desk by the 1st floor main entrance.


Ellen K Gjerstad

Ellen K Gjerstad

Campus Services and Information Technology
Last updated: 2. October 2018