Box – save and share your files

Box is a flexible storage solution for all employees at NMH, available from most devices, operating systems and browsers.

The management responsibility for data placed in Box is to a greater extent with each user, especially when we come to synchronization and sharing.

  • It is unlimited with storage space and maximum file size is 5 GB.
  • Feel free to save private files in the box but it is important to have a thoughtful file structure.
  • Box will replace today's file storage (J :).
  • Do not store sensitive personal information in Box.

First time logon

The first time you log in or the first time you log in to a new browser or on a new machine:

  1. Go to
  2. Press Continue.
  3. Start typing in the field: Feide - then Feide pops up as an option - select Feide.
  4. Choose the orange button ‘login and use forever’.
  5. Then the green button ‘Yes I am sure – use forever’.
  6. Affiliation: Choose: ‘Norwegian Academy of Music from the list – press Continue.
  7. Log in with Feide: NMH-usernavn and password.

At later logins, the browser remembers that you are affiliated with the Norwegian Academy of Music

Create folders and office documents in Box

Drag and drop files into Box

You can drag and drop files into Box – from file areas, desks, etc.

Create in Box

You can create folders in Box by clicking + New and then 'Folder'.

You can create Office documents in Box without having Office installed on you machine by clicking - New and then e.g. Word document.

Documents are saved automatically – just close when you are done.



You can share folder in two different ways:


The "temporary" sharing

To the right of a folder is the test "Share" - this generates a link.
You can send it outside NMH - they will have "read" access to this folder.

The "established" sharing

To share a folder with others in a more established sharing relationship;

  1. Click on the box with three dots -> Sharing -> Invite contributors.
  2. Start typing name / email - then all registered box users will pop up.
  3. Select user and permissions role.

Those you have shared with will see the shared folder as a blue folder in Box. And the same goes for your Box if others have shared with you.

Synchronization to your machine

You can synchronize the contents of Box to your work, private machine or the app on your phone.

Be aware that what you synchronize locally will use up Space on the devices you logon that have Box Sync installed

Download 'Box Sync' on your device/machine

Press your initials on the top right corner and select 'Apss'

To synchronize to your Windows Machine you need to download and install the program called 'Box sync for Windows'

Download the synchronize App for mobilephones and tablets

Go to 'App Store' (iOS), Google Play (Android) or Microsoft Store (WinPhone) and download the Box app free.

Start Box Sync for the first time after downloading

For first time logon with the Box Sync App: Enter the official e-mail address and NMH-Feide password followed by the NMH/ Feide username and password.

On a mobile phone it is required to enter a 4-digit PIN.

How to choose what is synchronized

When you are logged into Box on, you define when folders to sync.

Click on the box with three dots to the right of the foldername - Properties - Sync to Computer/ Remove Sync

Synchronized folders get a blue circle on the bottum left of the yellow folder icon.

Important: Files on root level sync automatically (Hot tip! Only have folders on root level).


You can also install Box Drive

Box drive is the incredibly simple way to stream all of your files right to your desktop.

Box Drive can be downloaded here: Box Drive


About Backup/Restore

Everything you delete ends up in the recycle bin.

If you don't delete files from the recycle bin they will stay there (there is no time limit).

What should and should not be stored in Box

What you should NOT use box for?

Sensitive personal informationaccording to the personal data law §2:

  • Health information.
  • Information about sexual relations.
  • Information about criminal matters.
  • Information about ethnicity or race.
  • Information about political or religious opinion.
  • Information about Union affiliation.

Personal information with a strong personal touch that is not covered directly by the points above. This can be about things that the individual will feel strongly discomforting if it goes astray.

Business critical information: Information that, through unauthorized disclosure, can damage reputation or otherwise have adverse consequences for NMH.

What should you think about before sharing information with others in Box?

  • Images/videos that include your colleagues or others and who are not aware that they are posted in the cloud.
  • Information about purchasing or purchasing processes.
  • Information about unwanted events that NMH is exposed to.
  • Internal matters that are not common publicly available information, and which will have unfortunate consequences if they go astray.

What can you share?

  • Information that is public.
  • Information that, if it goes astray, will not have negative consequences.
  • Personal information (including photos and video) where the people concerned have agreed to be posted on Box.
  • Common work documents that cannot be exploited in any way.
  • Work documents to be shared with others outside NMH that do not fall under point 1.

Make sure all devices (mobile phones, tablets, computers) you use in relation to Box have a password login.

Last updated: 7. January 2018