E-mail for staff

The easiest way to access your Academy email is through Outlook Web Access

However, this is not the most efficient way to administer your mail on a daily basis. Set up your device to receive mail or set up forwarding to a preferred email account.

Set up your device to receive mail

You can set up a mail client on your computer, phone or device to receive Academy email.

This is the information you need:

Exchange Activesync
Server: post.nmh.no
Dommain: nmh

The exchange activesync method requires you have a password on your device that lockes it if it's inactive for 30 minutes. It can synchronize your calendar and your contacts.

Alternative - IMAP4
Incoming server: post.nmh.no
Port: 993

Outgoing server: post.nmh.no
Port 587

Forwarding email

Last updated: 15. June 2016