Sending Large Attachments

Size restrictions for e-mail attachments is normally 10 MB. If you wish to send larger files you may use Filesender by following the direction below.

  1. Go to

  2. Click the link ’Logon with FEIDE’

  3. Choose "Norges musikkhøgskole – Fortsett" to access with your Norwegian Music Academy account

  4. Log in with your NMH username and password (brukernavn/passord)

  5. To: (address you wish to send to)

  6. Type file title and message

  7. Set the dates and duration for long file accessibility and download option

  8. Select "Browse" option – choose the file you would like to send

  9. Check box to accept

  10. Click ’Send File’ (top left corner)

Last updated: 15. July 2014