Username and Password - My NMH Account

Staff and students at NMH are given a personal username and password for access to E-mail and IT systems at the Academy.

New student or employee?

If you are a new student or new employee and have a Norwegian phone number, you can retrieve your username and password on NMH's password service.

No Norwegian mobile phone number?

You can't retrieve a username and password if you do not have a Norwegian mobile number registered with us. Please contact the administration on the 3rd floor

Password change or problems with existing account?

  • If you need to change your password or have forgotten your password you can use the NMH password service.
  • Problems with existing username / password are addressed by contacting the IT section. IT email.
  • It is not possible to change your username.

When should I change my password?

Change your password at the end of your work day. It takes a little while before your new password is activated at all access points throughout the IT system.

How often should I change my password?

You are required to change your password at least once per year. To increase security we recommend that you change it more frequently. If you have not changed you password for over a year, you will be prompted by e-mail to do so. If you do not within a month of receiving such a notfication change your password, your account will be locked. The e-mail address remains active, but you will no longer able to access the account.

An account which has been locked for more than a year will automatically be deleted.

For security purposes, all information submitted during account registration will be encrypted.

Why must my password be so complex and why do I have to keep changing it?

The reason we need to make the password as difficult as possible and change it at least once a year is that there are many readily available programs to guess passwords. These programs take word from word lists and write them down after many different rules to test all passwords that are common to people.

To protect your password from such hacker software decoding, we have strict rules for creating safe passwords.

How to create a password

The complexity of a password is measured in points and must be above 32 points. The score a password receives depends on the number of character groups represented in the password.

The score is calculated using the following algorithm:

  • 4 points for the first character in the password
  • 2 points for each of the next seven characters
  • Each character from character 9 through character 20 gets 1,5 points
  • Each character after character 20 gets 1 point
  • 6 points bonus if the password contains characters of at least three of the four groups of characters (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters)
  • 8 points (total) bonus if the password contains at least two characters for each of the three groups described above.

You choose whether you want to use password or password phrase, ie if you use a word or phrase containing spaces or other special characters (such as hyphens).

  • The password may not resemble a previous password.
  • The password can not contain the name or username.
  • The password can not contain characters that are not part of the ISO 8859-1 Code Standard.
  • The password can not exceed 127 characters.

Questions about your NMH account?

Please submit questions to the IT services email


Lasse Berge

Principal Engineer
Campus Services and Information Technology

Robert Haugan

Head of Department
Campus Services and Information Technology
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Lage Berger Jensen

Head Engineer
Campus Services and Information Technology
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William McArthur

Principal Engineer
Campus Services and Information Technology
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Eystein Midttveit

Head Engineer
Campus Services and Information Technology
Last updated: 18. November 2018