General information regarding exams, final papers, and assessments can be found here.

Exam schedules, locations and practical information about your courses are available in:

Examination procedures are governed by university regulations. For general guidelines about evaluation and grading, deferrals and rights of complaint, see the NMH Academic Regulations.


Exam information about instrument groups, examinators, location and accompanists can be found by using Time Edit.


For an overview of your registered exams, log in to StudentWeb, and go to ”innsyn,” then ”vurderingsmeldinger.” It is your responsibility to ensure that the exam registrations are correct and according to your plan of study. Some course descriptions list deadlines for deliveries and submissions (e.g. courses in music arrangement). In Studentweb you will also find your individual exam candidate number.

Course requirements

The Prospectus for each study programme gives an overview of all mandatory courses. Course descriptions include information about coursework, assessments and exam dates. See more information about elective courses.

Exam registration

Students must confirm their registered course schedule and programme of study in StudentWeb every semester. Once their schedule is confirmed they will automatically be registered for exams in the courses they are enrolled in. For NMH policies and regulations about exams, see Chapter 22 of the Exam Regulations (NMH Academic Regulations).

Written exams

Students are expected to commit to the highest standards of integrity, and to understand the importance of protecting and acknowledging intellectual property. Any references and sources cited (including literature, audio/visual materials, web sources, lectures notes, course syllabi, and other students' responses) must be cited correctly and in consistency with the appropriate style. Omitting to do so is an act of plagiarism, and considered a serious offence. Read about how to avoid plagiarism.

Performance exams

Individual times for performance exams are set by the sensors and accompanists.

Questions about exams?

Any exam related inquiries should be directed to the Exams Office: eksamen@nmh.no

Last updated: 25. August 2016