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Artist Dip­loma Mas­ter of Music Performance

En student spiller fiolin.

This programme is designed for particularly talented musicians who are aiming at a professional career as a soloist or chamber musician. Participating in this option will place you within the upper echelon of the Norwegian and international music community.

There will be no admission to this programme in 2021.

During the course of the 2-year programme, you will have a unique opportunity to study your instrument in-depth with the support of professional teachers and tutors from the Academy’s international network. You will also be able to present a final concert with an orchestra.

If you have already achieved a high level on your instrument, this programme might be appropriate for you. Established chamber music ensembles may also apply.


The benefit of the programme lies in the close follow-up that results from the mentorship of your instructors and the relevant academic community at the Academy. You will have the time and the specialised resources to be able to immerse yourself in your work as a soloist.

If you play an orchestra instrument you will be able to apply for an internship with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra or the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. Students accepted as interns will receive a scholarship.

When you have completed your studies

When you have completed your studies you will have a Master’s degree and will be in a position to work as a soloist in orchestras both in Norway and abroad. Earning the Artist Diploma will enable you to forge a network that you can develop further, and can serve as a professional musical springboard for furthering your career path.

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