Procedure for admission to the PhD programme in artistic research at NMH

Procedure for admission to the PhD programme in artistic research at NMH. 

1. Area of concern

This procedure applies to admissions to the PhD programme in artistic research at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The procedure is subject to the "Regulations for the Ph.D. programme in artistic research at NMH, hereafter referred to as “the regulations”.

2. Announcement

Positions for Research Fellows are announced annually. Deadline is set to 1 February. The positions are announced on the webpages of the Norwegian Academy of Music.

3. Admission requirements

Admission to the Fellowship Programme assumes that the applicant meets the requirements set in the Regulations, § 6.1.

To be eligible for admission to the PhD programme, the applicant must normally have at least a performing arts and/or creative master degree in the relevant subject area, cf. the descriptors contained in the second cycle of the qualifications framework.

4. Application

NMH decides on the prescribed application form and stipulates requirements relating to documentation and formats as well as the project descriptions and the attachments to the application. The requirements for the application form, the project description and the attachemtents are describted in the call for new positions and must be followed.  

The application should include:

  • Project description, including
    • description of the project
    • progress schedule
    • budget
    • documentation of specific needs for professional, artistic or material resources
    • any plans for stays at other institutions
    • dissemination
  • Plan for the project specific part of the mandatory component
  • Proposal for at least one supervisor, and specification of affiliation to an active academic environment
  • Description of any legal or ethical issues.

The applicant will get a confirmation as soon as the application has been received by the Academy. The confirmation will include a notification of any digital documents that are not readable. In that case, the applicant must respond and supply documents in a readable format within 24 hours.

5. Assessment of applicants

The application will not be assessed unless it has been sent within the deadline, and contains documents that are readable for the Academy. The applicant must fulfil admission requirements stipulated in the Regulations § 6.1 and described under “3. Admission requirements” above.

Applications that do not fulfil the requirements will not be considered. Remaining applications will be presented for the Academy’s departments and maybe also research centres. The departments (and research centres) will judge by the following criteria:

  • Has the applicant documented a satisfactory level of artistry? (Relevant for departments only.)
  • Will the project produce new knowledge in its field?
  • Is the project relevant to department research?
  • Is the project of interest to the department?
  • Can the application be further developed to a satisfactory level?

The applications deemed qualified following this assessment will be further considered in regards to their placement in and relevance for the Academy’s subject areas as described in the Guidelines § 5.1.2.

Results of assessment done by departments (and research centres) is passed on to the Academy’s Committee for the artistic PhD Programme (KUST). KUST will make an assessment based on these results, in addition to a general assessment of the applications:

  • Does the project have considerable flaws?
  • Is the project of interest to the Academy?
  • What is the project’s position in and relevance to the Academy’s academic environment?  

If KUST, and the Academy’s departments (and centres), deem an application to be of high quality, then the applicant will be called in for an interview. The interviewing committee is appointed by KUST. Following the interviews, selected applicants will be given the opportunity to improve their applications and project descriptions. A deadline for sending in revised applications will be set by KUST.

Revised applications will then be assessed by an external expert. The external experts submit separate assessments of the project in relation to the following criteria:

  • Does the project have a relevant/interesting topic of significance to the subject area?
  • Has the applicant placed his/her project in the context of relevant discourses/traditions in the subject area?
  • How does the project address the requirement for reflection?
  • Is the project feasible within the stipulated time frame and budget?
  • Has the applicant specified an adequate format for publication?
  • Will the project be able to produce an artistic result of a high standard with national and international relevance?
  • Does the applicant have the artistic/academic qualifications required to carry out the project?

KUST will then submit their proposal, ranked in order of priority, to the Research and Development Committee at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The proposal is based on assessment by external experts, academy departments, academy research centres, and interviews of applicants.The Research and Development Committee will the in prioritezed order submitt the list of applicants to the Academy's board.

6. Admission

After the applications have been processed by the Research and Development Committee, the committe submits its proposal to the Academy’s employment board, who formalize the admissions.

Approved by the Research and Development Committee at The Norwegian Academy of Music 24 November, 2014. Revised 14 December, 2017.

Last updated: 24. November 2015