The scientific Ph.D. programme

Programme Length

3 years
180 credits

Languages of Instruction

Norwegian/Swedish/Danish and English

Application Deadline

1 February
How to apply to the scientific Ph.D. programme

Programme Description

The Norwegian Academy of Music offers scientific Ph.D. studies in three areas:

  1. Performance Practice
  2. Music Education
  3. Music Therapy

Programme Requirements

There are three main requirements in the Ph.D.:

  • Fulfillment of 40 course/seminar credits (incl. Theory of Science, Methodology, and Ethics) in 1st year of study
  • Successful completion of the major research project (140 credits)
  • The writing and successful defense of a dissertation

Ph.D. Programme Curriculum

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the doctoral programme, applicants must have completed a master’s degree (or certified equivalent) with satisfactory results in the subject area to which the applicant is seeking admission. Applicants who wish to carry out a project that incorporates a performance/artistic component must document their ability to perform at a high level.

Language Requirements for International Students

Applicants to the scientific Ph.D. programme must demonstrate language proficiency in Norwegian and English.

Language proficiency in English must be documented at the time of application. Documentation of Norwegian skills can be submitted up to 20 May 2019.

Read the full language requirements



Solveig Christensen

Senior Advisor
Academic Affairs and Research

Øivind Varkøy


Music Education

Last updated: 7. November 2018