Guidelines for the Project Proposal/Description


The project description should be approximately 2000 words / 5 pages in 12 pt. font and 1 1/2 line spacing. In addition, you must include a list of references, alphabetically ordered. Applications that exceed this limit will not be considered.


The project description should give an account of the following points, the points may also be used as headings:


The title should be short and informative.

Brief summary (approx 10 lines)

The summary should provide a brief account of the most important points below. The intention is to give the reader sufficient information to consider if the project is of interest to the Academy's research environment. Remember that a short and well written summary reflects the project's structure and qualities.

Presentation of the problem/hypothesis (approx ½ page)

The hypothesis is a concise and aptly worded formulation of the project's core issues. It should entail "how", "what" and "why".

The hypothesis should articulate and clarify the contribution this specific project will give; its main challenge. It should provide the reader with a relevant perspective for understanding the project design.

Background for the project (1-2 pages)

Show how the project can supplement earlier research and contribute to new knowledge. Show your knowledge of relevant literature by placing your project in relation to other research and literature. Demonstrate that the project has originality and innovative value. Argue for why this specific project is worth the effort. 

Use resources such as RILM, Jstor or BIBSYS to find relevant literature.

Data/material and method (approx 1 page)

Describe resources and materials. How will you use your materials to investigate your hypothesis? Which methods will you use and which methodical choices must you make when handling your source materials?

Describe data and source material you will use, and how you will collect and analyse them (e.g. original texts, secondary literature, fieldwork, interviews, statistics, etc.).

Supplementary information (approx ½ page)

Relevant supplementary information:

  • Short presentation of your background and qualifications.
  • Any co-operating partners or research networks to which they may become affiliated.
  • Feasibility of the project: Is it realistic to complete the project within the time frame, using 60.000 NOK?
  • Language
  • Describe and give reason for which forms of documentation you will use. Will you do concerts or recordings? How will they fit in to the project?

Dissemination (approx 1/4 page)

Give an account of planned forms of dissemination: articles, lectures, presentations/posters at conferences, monographs, recordings etc..

Progress plan (approx 1/4 page)

Make a time schedule for three years divided into six semesters, including important milestones in the project. Include planned theory courses, other courses and conferences, and any periods of study to be spent outside the Academy. The first semester is already filled with predefined courses and essay writing.

Reference list (appendix)

The reference list / literature list should cover all references you use in your project description, not all relevant literature. The list is to be arranged alphabetically by author.

Last updated: 26. November 2017