Artist Diploma - Master of Music Performance

Programme Length

2 years (120 ECTS credits)

Language of Instruction

Norwegian or English

Application Deadline

15 December. Online application (SøknadsWeb) opens 1 November

Application and auditions

Programme Description

Students admitted to the Artist Diploma programme for solo instrumentalists and chamber music ensembles (only established ensembles can apply), are chosen after an audition in which the applicants’ artistic and interpretative abilities are carefully evaluated. The programme includes several demanding concert engagements. Very few students are admitted each year; they are selected with the expectation of soloist or ensemble performance activity at an international level. The programme leads to a Master's Degree in Music Performance.

At the end of the two-year programme, graduating candidates give a concert presentation of their diploma work.

Students of orchestral instruments admitted to the programme can audition for internships at the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. The internship audition is in addition to the Academy audition. Students accepted to the internships programme receive a scholarship (6 projects a year, NOK 10.000 per project). 

Successful completion of the programme will provide the basic formal qualifications for admission to Ph.D. programmes and the Artistic Research Programme.

Curriculum for the Artist Diploma - Master of Music Performance enrolment 2019

Admission Requirements

Admission requires a Bachelor's degree in music with minimum 80 credits (ECTS equivalent) in music performance subjects. In addition to formal academic requirements, there are special entrance exams (held in week 8) for applicants to the programme. Only very few students and ensembles are admitted to this programme each year.

Application and auditions for Artist Diploma


If you have questions about applications and auditions, please contact: opptak@nmh.no 

Tel: +47 23 36 70 00 (Phone time 12.00-15.00 Monday-Friday)

Contact your programme leader if you have any questions about the academic content of your study programme.


Kjell Tore Innervik

Associate Professor


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