Profilbilde dirigering sang

Master of Music in Conducting

Programme Length

2 years (120 ECTS credits)

Language of Instruction

Norwegian or English

Application Deadline

15 December. Online application (SøknadsWeb) opens 1 November

Application and auditions

Programme Description

This programme aims to give the student the necessary background to work as a professional choral or orchestral conductor. The applicant should indicate which of these alternatives she wishes to give priority to. The programme includes subjects like conducting techniques, analysis, instrumentation and piano/score reading etc. Practice and training with a variety of ensembles is central to the design of the programme.

The programme provides the basis for admission to Ph.D. programmes and the Artistic Research Programme.

Curriculum for the Master of Music in Conducting enrolment 2018

Admission Requirements

Admission to the programme requires a Bachelor's Degree in Music with 60 ECTS credits in conducting, or equivalent qualifications documented at the audition. There is a limited number of study places available. In addition to formal academic requirements, there are entrance exams and auditions (held in week 8) for applicants to the programme.

The applicant is expected to

  • have reached a high level on her principal instrument
  • have relatively wide experience in leading different ensembles/choirs
  • have broad musical experience that enables her to relate to the artistic qualities and intentions of the music


If you have questions about applications and auditions, please contact:

Tel: +47 23 36 70 00 (Phone time 12.00-15.00 Monday-Friday)

Contact your programme leader if you have any questions about the academic content of your study programme.

Academic Advisor - Orchestra Conducting


Ole Kristian Ruud



Academic Advisor - Choral Conducting

Grete Pedersen

Grete Pedersen


Choral Conducting

tabita_berglund-f Siv Dolmen.jpg

Musicality and leadership