Profilbilde teori

Master of Music Therapy

Programme Length

2 years (120 ECTS credits)

Language of Instruction


Application Deadline

15 December. Online application (SøknadsWeb) opens 1 November.

Application and auditions (only in Norwegian)

Programme Description

The programme aims to qualify the student for practice as a Music Therapist, to provide the student with the necessary expertise to plan, implement and evaluate music therapeutic measures, and to prepare the student for guidance and counselling responsibilities. The programme consists of a professional part (therapeutic and musical subjects) and an academic part (theoretical foundations of music therapy, thesis and chosen specialization).

Please also refer to the Norwegian programme description.

Curriculum for the Master of Music Therapy Programme 2018 (in Norwegian)

Admission Requirements

Admission to the programme requires a bachelor's degree with 60 ECTS credits in either Music, Health or Social Studies, Pedagogy or Psychology. It also requires 60 ECTS credits in music therapy subjects, equivalent to the continuing study Musikk og Helse (Music and Health - only available in Norwegian). This programme requires high proficiency in Norwegian, and a valid language test is required for admission. Programme completion requires a graduate thesis written in Norwegian.


If you have questions about applications and auditions, please contact:

Tel: +47 23 36 70 00

Contact your programme leader if you have any questions about the academic content of your study programme.

Programme Leader


Tone Kristine S Kvamme

Associate Professor

Music Therapy