Profilbilde trommestikker

Bachelor of Music with Individual Concentration

Programme Length

4 years (240 ECTS-credits)

Language of Instruction

Norwegian (years 1 and 2)

Norwegian or English (years 3 and 4)

Application Deadline

15 December. Online application (Søknadsweb) opens 1 November.

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Programme Description

Not all artists fit in to the traditional Bachelor programme mould. The Norwegian Academy of Music offers a programme tailored to fit your unique talents.

The Individual Concentration Programme (FRIKA) is for students who want to create their own musical niche, and who cannot do this by following an ordinary Bachelor's programme.

The programme is individually adapted for each student. Students will be challenged to take individual choices and to explore creative perspectives. The programme results in a Bachelor’s degree. Some courses are compulsory, however, especially from the third year of study, students are given the freedom to choose courses from the Academy’s catalogue of electives.

FRIKA students are expected to be independent and original, and only a few students are admitted to the programme each year.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the minimum academic requirements for admission to Norwegian colleges and universities and must also pass the audition in week 11. A high musical level is expected, as well as good aural skills and solid knowledge of music theory. Entrance to the very limited number of places open is competitive.

Applicants must send a description of their project. It's recommended to upload soundtracks, vidoes, compositions etc. to further describe the idea of the project. If the project can be realized within one of the regular undergraduate programmes of the Academy, your application will be rejected. If you are not sure whether your project meets the requirements, make sure to also apply for other undergraduate programmes.

Admission to the 1st module (years 1 and 2) requires sufficient language proficiency to follow Norwegian instructions. Language skills must either be documented by a test or you can choose to do an interview in Norwegian during the audition week.

Admission to 2nd module

Admission to the 2nd module (years 3 and 4) requires minimum two years of higher music education equivalent to the 1st module of the Academy's undergraduate studies (120 ECTS credits). Course instruction in the 2nd module can be in English. Language skills must be documented by a test.

Read more about official approved Norwegian and English tests here.


If you have questions about applications and auditions, please contact:

Telephone: +47 23 36 70 00 (phone time 12:00–15:00 Monday to Friday).

If you have questions about the academic content of the study programme please contact:

Programme leader


Ivar Grydeland

Associate Professor


Contact Person


Sigrun Eng

Academic Affairs and Research