Arne Nordheim-senteret

Following the death of Arne Nordheim in 2010, his musical legacy and pioneering spirit have been maintained, and fresh innovation sponsored, through the establishment of the Arne Nordheim Centre. The mission of the Centre has been to advance research and scholarship in Experimental Music, and to initiate and support projects that build on Arne Nordheim's music and materials.

In order to develop this mission, and to enhance the Centre’s integration into the wider life of the institution, the Norges musikkhøgskole (NMH) has relaunched it as The Arne Nordheim Centre for Artistic Research (NordART) - conceived as a dynamic hub for the stimulation and coordination of artistic research activity within NMH and beyond. In fulfilling this new role, the Centre continues to be a symbol of the open approach to creativity for which Arne Nordheim was renowned.

NordART’s remit ranges from honouring and revivifying the legacy of Norwegian and other music of the past to developing our understanding of musical practices of the present; it supports a broad spectrum of activities, from new curations of established work to new compositions and free improvisation. Above all, it is dedicated to considering how artistic research work should impact upon music-making in a socially-situated, global context.

In linking evolving artistic research practices with the ethos of personal and professional development that is strong in NMH, NordART aims to make multiple and distinctive contributions in the various spheres of music research, both established and emerging, within the Nordic countries and beyond.

The Artist-Researcher as Musical Innovator

The Arne Nordheim Centre for Artistic Research aims to provide a contemporary perspective on the roles of musical artists through its encouragement, support and coordination of research and development projects. NordART proposes a vision of a research practice that combines an emphasis upon artistic goals and problems with rigour, resilience and a readiness to learn from, and share with, the best in musical thought and action whatever its source or label.

Put simply, its two-fold mission, directed at the musical arts, is to understand art better and to strive for better art through deeper understanding.  It embodies the belief that these two aspirations are linked and complementary to one another.

Research projects and events that fall within the ambit of NordART address the changing nature of the environment found in the 21st century conservatoire, the growth of research as a dimension of this environment and the emergence of the phenomenon of the artist-researcher – an individual driven by artistic goals but able to use research-derived approaches and tools to pursue those goals and be innovative musically.

As a catalyst for these trends within NMH, NordART also aims to be international in its scope and significance, with its activities, events and outputs reaching out to the growing global community of artist-researchers in music.


Darla M. Crispin

Direktør for Arne Nordheim-senteret
Sist oppdatert: 13. februar 2016